Ball control

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I stumbled upon this cool compilation recently and just had to post it. It’s just all amazing ball control, think Berkamp and Zidane. I think it’s the most important skill to have, when you can control any ball you give yourself so much extra time to do things even if other parts of your game are lacking. Enjoy!

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First post for Footy Boots

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I’ve started writing the first of hopefully many weekly Serie A wraps over at footy-boots. I’ll be covering all the action each week as well as the top 6 standings.

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Soccer strength training

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So recently I started hitting the gym again as my form, injuries, pace and strength started to drop. I knew it was time to go back to the gym because a few years ago I was having a bad run of injuries and the thing that got me out of it was a few months in the gym plus a rigorous stretching routine. After that I was in the best form of my life!

Strength training can make a big difference to pace and the ability to hold players off and hang on to the ball. As for preventing injuries, it can also help by strengthening the muscles around joints but the big advantage is in reducing imbalances which can result in injuries. Soccer players tend to prefer one side. One side for shooting, one side to push off from, one side for jumping, one side for performing step-overs, one side for just about any move. Over time, repeating the same actions over and over leads to imbalances with one side or one opposing muscle group getting more of a workout, becoming stronger and hence creating an imbalance. The gym is great for sorting out these imbalances because you can use equipment on one side at a time or at the very least perform the exercises in a more symmetrical manner.

The problem is that a lot of gym work tends to make muscles tighter and reduce flexibility. This is bad for soccer players as good flexibility plays a huge role in preventing injuries. So although we want the extra strength, we’re also working to lengthen our muscles. This requires a good amount of stretching and I don’t mean just before or after a game. You should perform stretches daily and try to spend around 5 minutes on each individual stretch to improve your flexibility (you can spend less time once you only need to maintain your flexibility). It’s quite hard to get into a routine and stick to it but once you do you’ll notice the results very quickly (within a couple of weeks).

Strength training is different for soccer players to body builders. Most body builders are doing low reps to get a great deal of strength and they end up with a lot of fast-twitch muscle fibres. These fibres give you a lot of strength but fatigue very quickly, so although you may be able to accelerate quickly, you won’t be able to do it that many times. Soccer players need a good balance of fast and slow-twitch muscle fibres because games are 90 minutes (or more) and it’s not just explosive power like sprinting and shooting, there’s a lot of jogging and repeated actions.

This all means that you need a workout with a moderate number of reps. Somewhere around 12-15 times for each exercise and 3 sets is fine. As for the exercises, you’ll need some to work those hamstrings, quads and calves. If you can, you should perform free-weight exercises rather than using machines. Things like squats with barbells or dead-lifts, etc. The reason for this is that free-weights not only work the large muscle groups that you’re targeting, they also work all the little stabiliser muscle groups that you need to keep the movement steady. Think joint protection here! Machine exercises are still valuable though as you can target one leg at a time. Try to focus on the free-weights first and make sure there is someone to show you the proper technique so you don’t do yourself any damage!

As for the upper body, it’s not as vital in soccer but don’t leave it out! I tend to perform lower rep exercises to give more strength as you don’t use the upper body as much but when you do, you need all of it’s strength. The difference is quite noticeable when you’re able to hold a defender off much easier.

Almost as vital as the lower body is your core, or your abdominal and back muscles more specifically. You may not think it, but all of your power and pace comes from the core. When you kick or accelerate it starts with the core and you need it for your balance as strength. Again your hamstring flexibility is important here as tight hamstrings will affect your back too as they apply pressure to it. Try to target your lower abs more than the upper as they are more important.

Finally, nutrition is important as well while you’re training (in fact all the time). If you’re like me and you struggle to put on weight but would like a few more kilos to help then you’ll need to increase your intake. Adding an extra meal or two will usually do it fairly quickly, and you only need a good protein shake for these meals. Go for a whey-based protein and around 90%+ protein (unless you find it really hard to put on weight, in which case you’ll need a lot of good carbs too). Try to increase the amount of good oils you take in also, these are your omega 3s and 6s.

All of this stuff I’ve learnt over the years through my own experience and research. The real message is at the very least, stay flexible. As you get older (25+) you’ll lose flexibility and won’t be as impervious to injury as you once thought you would always be. Another important age is around 16, you’re usually going through growth spurts and this can be a risky time also because your muscle lengths still haven’t caught up to the rapidly growing bone. Try to stretch a lot around this time also.

As I said, I’m currently hitting the gym again and although I’ve gone in with a few niggling injuries, after 3 months, a lot of pace has returned as well as strength and good form again. I’d probably be in even better shape if I could just stop playing for at least a little while to recover fully but I just can’t stop playing every week!

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Beckham’s Galaxy not enough to challenge Sydney FC

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Tonight saw David Beckham captain LA Galaxy in a friendly match with Sydney FC in the A-league team’s Telstra Stadium. Some 82,000 football mad spectators filled the grounds to welcome Beckham to Australia for the first time.

Sydney FC was certainly not overwhelmed by the occasion or the media frenzy that surrounded it, they quickly set out to prove that even with an annual budget of less than Beckham’s one week paycheck, there was a great deal of quality on offer. It was the youngsters that took the centre stage along with another hero who last faced Beckham when playing for Middlesborough and also for the Selecao in the 2002 world cup, Juninho. The diminutive Brazilian set up most of the plays and was provider for several of the goals.

Sydney quickly got ahead and had 2 goals on the board already by 25 minutes and it looked like the Galaxy were about to cop a hiding but it was what happened to their captain at this time that proved even more dramatic. The slippery surface of the pitch caused Beckham to twist his left ankle (although not unlike how he rolls it when taking free kicks anyway) and unfortunately a Sydney FC player was already sliding towards him and caused more injury. Beckham stayed down for some time and only returned to play after a minute or two, managing to hobble around but to his credit he continued to play and was able to run it off after a while. A valiant display given that he could’ve hit the showers early and not risk himself further (the same ankle caused a long spell on the sidelines at Real Madrid).

Soon after Sydney made it 3-0 and could very well have continued to punish the Galaxy but they gave away a free kick in prime Beckham territory. From some 25-30 yards out, Beckham curved it over his players hiding in the wall and Sydney’s keeper could only get fingertips to the ball as it drifted into the left-top corner. I think everyone in the crowd got something out of that goal, it’s what you come to see and what you expect from Becks.

As the game continued, the Galaxy were rewarded for their pressure and were able to pull another goal back making the score 3-2 to Sydney. But Sydney was quick to stamp out any further comeback with Robbie Middleby and Iain Fyfe capitalising on more defensive errors to make it 5-2. Only through Landon Donovan were the Galaxy able to restore some pride by finishing the game 5-3 on 90 minutes. It is worth noting that the Galaxy were a man down towards the end of the game, one of their players standing on a Sydney player’s arm in a vulgar and malicious off the ball incident. Apart from that, it was a thoroughly enjoyable match with plenty of action throughout. I’ll try to post some highlights soon.

Independent thoughts

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Moved again!

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Okay, so after going through all the hassle of moving from blogger to wordpress, I soon found that I was limited again by the hosted version (on the wordpress site itself). So I’ve bit the bullet and have an install of wordpress hosted externally and I’ve got my domain name in action. I think that should be it for the disruptions. I may have to focus a bit on getting everything how it was/I want it and adding the plugins that I was after. Ultimately it will be (I hope!) worthwhile. I’m just glad it’s done now!

Anyways, enjoy some highlights of Portugal’s Euro 2008 qualification campain so far. They had a less than convincing win against Kazakhstan but a win’s a win I guess!

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