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Inter vs Juventus TIM Cup

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Found a good clip (in terms of the highlights) for the match played yesterday where Inter faced off with Juventus in the TIM cup quarter final. Inter ended up winning the match 3-2 to book a place in the semi-finals against Lazio (5-4 winners on aggregate).

It was Inter’s 17 year old striker, Mario Balotelli, that was the star of the show with a brace of goals each side of half time. For his first goal he saw off Birindelli and then controlled Maniche’s ball allowing a simple tap into the far post. Del Piero responded with a free kick that took a deflection off the Inter wall before landing in the net, Toldo could only watch. Juve went ahead on 31 minutes after Toldo tipped another Del Piero free kick into the top post allowing Iaquinta to head in the rebound from close range. Just before the break, Salihamidzic handled the ball in the box and Julio Cruz made no mistake from the resulting spot kick. Balotelli soon struck again after the restart, grabbing on to a Stankovic ball, turnings and shooting into the top right corner.

Ranieri saw Juve’s exit from the cup fast approaching and brought on Trezeguet and Camoranesi but even they had little impact. It was Inter that continued to push and put the result beyond doubt. Camoranesi got a straight red for and ugly challenge on Pele, Inter’s young Portuguese midfielder, and hence left Juve with little way to make a comeback. Enjoy the highlights.

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Africa cup of nations action

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Thought I’d chuck up some highlights from the African cup of nations that is currently being played in Ghana. It’s a really entertaining competition to watch and isn’t always given enough coverage. The pressures of club competition and strict tactics don’t apply here, it’s all about that audacious run past several defenders or that rocket shot from 30 yards plus outside the box.

Ivory Coast vs Mali (3-0)

Goals scored by Drogba (9), Zoro (54) and Djakpa (86).

Cameroon vs Sudan (3-0)

Goals scored by Eto’o (28 pen), Ali Elkhidir (34 o.g.) and Eto’o (90).

Nigeria vs Benin (2-0)

Goals scored by Obi (53) and Yakubu (86).

Ghana vs Morocco (2-0)

Goals scored by Essien (26) and Muntari (45)

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First post for Footy Boots

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I’ve started writing the first of hopefully many weekly Serie A wraps over at footy-boots. I’ll be covering all the action each week as well as the top 6 standings.

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The Pato show

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AC Milan beat Genoa last night, 2-0 with both goals coming from wonder kid, Pato.

The 18 year old placed a well cushioned header in the back of the net for his first goal and the second was pure class. Displaying his incredible pace, he left his marker for dead and although the first shot was blocked by the Genoa keeper, he calmly collected the rebound and tapped it in to seal the visitors fate.

Check out the goal highlights below.

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Nike Pro Compression

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So a couple of weeks ago I finally took the plunge and bought a Nike Pro sleeveless crew with zoned compression areas. I’d been wanting to get one for a while but the prohibitive price usually dispelled my desire pretty quickly. My local sports store had a sale on and I found one for half-price, sold!

The idea behind the dri-fit, compression gear is that the zoned compression areas support the muscles in those regions while the material is designed to wick sweat away from the body. I’ve always been a bit skeptical about these sorts of claims but I’d also heard some good things so I thought I give it a try. When you put the top on there is an immediate impact, you become very much aware of your posture and it’s fairly amazing how those zoned areas give you that sort of feedback. There’s also a cooling sensation in some areas which is a unique feeling too.

I’ve had some back injuries from playing in the past so I’m fairly aware of that part of my body and I definitely feel some benefits there. The support isn’t going to prevent an injury but you can feel those muscles better and the warmth would help when the cooler months roll around. The crew is well-made and robust unlike some of the lycra type products I’ve felt, seems like it will last a while.

I’m quite impressed how well Nike’s investment in new-age synthetics are paying off, much like the skin on the mercurial vapors, the dri-fit material is quite revolutionary. It combines hydrophobic and hydrophilic layers (big words for water-repelling and water-attracting respectively) to remove the moisture from your body creating a corrugated pattern on the skin. The fabric itself barely absorbs any water so it’s very effective at keeping you fairly dry. This is very noticeable and I can see it being beneficial all year round.

If you find any of these tops at a discounted price, don’t hesitate to give them a shot. They are an amazing garment with a lot of technology that actually has noticeable benefits.

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Inter vs Parma 3-2

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Inter continued their winning ways and amazing unbeaten record, this time against Parma. The game was played on the weekend and the win continues to keep Roma at bay with 7 points difference. This match was certainly a controversial affair.

The ever-reliable midfield presence of Cambiasso started off the scoring with a trademark, cool, calm and collected goal. Although Parma was lost for a while after that goal, they found the net to equalise in a nice, well-finished, team effort. Both teams continued to come close to breaking the deadlock but eventually it was Parma that went in front with an amazing free kick, Parma 2-1.

This woke Inter up and they began to press even harder, including a disallowed goal. They were awarded a penalty when Couto was judged to have handled the ball in the area. This was a very difficult call because it really looked like it was a hand-ball but only in slow-motion is it possible to see that he did in fact head the ball away. Personally I feel it was stupid of him to place his arm in such a close position to the ball as it made it look like a hand-ball. In fact it’s more than likely that he had the arm ready for if his head missed anyway. Either way, Ibrahimovic made no mistake from the spot, 2-2. To finish of the drama, Ibrahimovic scored once again to hand Inter full points in a beautiful, well-controlled strike. Chesting down a cross into the path of his right boot in the middle of the Parma box, an amazing piece of control, strength and finesse.

See the highlights for yourself.

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Ten years of mercurial vapors

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Continuing on with my posts of late (such as the Nike Mercurial SL Vapor IVs), I found an interesting video about the research that went into the nike mercurial vapor III. A bit late with the vapor IVs coming out very soon but I was good to watch and this is still my favourite boot (who knows until I try the IVs out). Basically them monitoring Henry as well as the Ronaldos performing various movements that occur in games.

I have another video I found which is just a Nike ad for their mercurials. It’s Ronaldo shooting hundreds of balls to show how many goals he’s scored since strapping on his first pair of mercurials in 1998. I still remember those shoes and have always lusted over them but never ended up getting a pair myself.

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Kaka tricks footage and adiPURE

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Below is some footage of Kaka’ in the new adidas adiPURE boots talking about some tactics and also a spot of blindfolded juggling. Impressive stuff.

Since the video is him talking in Portuguese I’ll translate what he said. “The first thing you have to do is have good ball control, as when you can control it you have the chance to do anything you want. The second thing is to not play with your back to the defender, when you have your back to them you lose the feeling of where you are and where the goal is. When you turn to face you are localised and know where the goal is. Then you can take on the defender with a dribble, lose his marking and do the play you desire.”

Enjoy the footage and read more about the adiPURE at footy-boots.

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Nike Mercurial SL (Vapor IV)

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MercurialSLWell the Nike Mercurial Vapor IV’s are out soon and I came across this cool post on ballhype about a special variety of the new mercurials. I have the video at the end of the post if you want to see for yourself. Basically they get Asafa Powell, some terribly fast sprinter (so I’m told), to try out the new mercurial SLs. It looks all underground like a dodgy drug deal, huge black SUVs and all the timing equipment etc. ready to go. He sprints the length of a football pitch and advises the dudes around him that the boots are fast. Within seconds they’re packed away in a box with C. Ronaldo and Drogba’s names on it. Twelve ours later they arrive in London to deliver the boots to Drogba, “Asafa say’s they’re fast”.

No offence but Drogba’s anything but a fast player, amazingly gifted but not in the speed department. Christiano on the other hand is another kettle of fish but I guess if you looks at it another way, if anyone needs a speed increase, it’s Drogba.

The boots look awesome and I’m totally blown away by them. Full carbon-fibre construction weighing in at 190grams using the latest F1 technology. I think these boots would be so tough they’d never wear out! My MVIIIs are lasting for ages as it is but I can only see the glue being a weak point on these, if any. I like how they’ve done away with the lace cover on these as I don’t much care for it on the normal IVs. Only thing is that at 190grams, they weigh about the same as the normal MVIIIs. Light but not much lighter than the last pair (which were 196grams).

If you’re after a pair, you better sit down before you check the price. I saw them for 250 british pounds at prodirectsoccer but I think it’s a fair price as they are a limited run of 450 pairs to celebrate 10 years of mercurials, the shoe first designed for Ronaldo in 1998 (the original Ronaldo, Christiano was probably still playing marbles at that stage). A lot will end up as collector’s items but personally, I’d love play in them week in and week out. You’ll also have to wait till May the 19th, just in time for Euro 2008.

Check out the other video after the Asafa Powell clip of C. Ronaldo taking on a Bugatti Veyron, I kid you not. It’s not as silly as it first seems because even though the Veyron only has 1000 horsepower (basically two v8s stuck together with four turbochargers bolted on), they race him a short distance (in the wet) and then have to beat him back in reverse. Basically a test of acceleration, stopping and turning. If you want a good review of the mercurial IV’s, head over to footy-boots as always.

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Ibrahimovic magic

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Ibrahimovic scored a fantastic goal on the weekend in Inter’s 3-2 win over Siena. The long range effort was purely unstoppable.

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