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It seems that finally Ronaldo’s site is back online after so long. It used to be at but now it’s just It’s got a nice clean look and a pretty good flash video on the landing page (although it’s a bit long and could get tiresome each time). I’m glad to see he’s back online and you can get news on his recovery straight from the source.

Speaking of which, he’s apparently making really good progress. He’s in Rio at the moment and splits his time between the gym and his clinic. It’s a fairly strenuous regime, working out three times a day with Bruno Mazziotti, an AC Milan physio. He’s got 100% movement back in his knee and has started strength training already, well ahead of schedule. He may be back in action much sooner than expected (fingers crossed). In a month or two he should be able to start running and cycling, so yeah, all the signs are very positive.

Of course I can’t make a post without a video! Enjoy some Ronaldo goals!

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Ronaldo’s heart desires to continue but body feels tired

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Ronaldo gave an interview recently and the footage is below (although unless you can understand Portuguese, it might be best to read the translation below). It follows his unfortunate and possibly career ending injury and continues from my last post which updated his condition.

He’s stated that is heart desires to continue and he has a strong desire to do so but his body is giving off signs that it’s really tired, has suffered a lot and is asking to rest. He said that he will try to recuperate in the best manner possible and upon it’s completion, if his body is without any pain and he is without doubts, then he will continue to play.

We can only hope for the best and wait to see what happens.

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Cordoba out for return leg

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Cordoba went to ground during the second half of the champions league encounter between Inter and Liverpool. He was immediately replaced and could be seen clutching his knee in some pain. It’s been revealed that the damage is worse than first expected and he has injured his ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). This injury is much more common in soccer than Ronaldo’s injury which ruptured his patella tendon but it can be about as serious. Cordoba may have only partially torn his ACL but will still need surgery. He is definitely out of the return leg where Inter have their work cut out. A real shame as he was solid as ever during the match.

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Ronaldo injury update

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The surgeon’s that operated on Ronaldo have said that the operation was successful but now only time will tell if he can recover and play at an elite level still. There will be a wait of at least nine months to see how he can recuperate but the medics don’t think his career is done just yet.

The latest news come from Ronaldo’s dad, Nelio Nazario, who has said that Ronaldo has already taken a few steps around his room and is happy with the progress. He is without pain which is pretty amazing for only 48 hours after surgery. He’s begun the preliminary stages of his rehabilitation although he won’t be able to run for 6 months or train hard for 9 months.

The history of Ronaldo’s injuries began in 96 at PSV. He had surgery to clean up the cartilage in his right knee and was out for 4 months. Then came the injury at Inter in 99 where he partially tore his patella tendon in his right knee and was out for 5 months. In April of 2000 he completely tore the same tendon playing against Lazio, 6 months after the initial surgery. He was then out for 11 months. In 2006 while still at Real Madrid, Ronaldo had surgery on his left leg to remove two calcifications on the tibia bone. It wasn’t urgent surgery but he was keen to have it done and was out for a month and a half.

A Brazilian doctor has come out to sensationally blame Ronaldo’s injuries on doping while at PSV. He was employed by the CBF but has since been fired for his remarks. He claims that while Ronaldo was a teenager at PSV he was given steroids in order to build up his physique for the game. The large muscle mass that developed as a result would not be supported well by his bones, joints, ligaments and tendons. He said that the repercussions of this would not be felt immediately but later on as the stress on the body would manifest itself as serious injuries 10, 15 or 20 years after. Who knows if he’s telling the truth but it would explain a lot, Ronaldo certainly got a lot bigger in a fairly short period of time. It’s either that or a huge growth spurt and a predisposed genetic condition that makes his patella tendons quite weak because it is a fairly rare injury in soccer (especially twice!), usually it’s the ACL that goes.

Ronaldo’s dream is to return to play and will return to Milan after the initial period and will determine later whether the rest of the rehabilitation will take place there or in Brazil. Apparently Flamengo are still after his services and will probably try to use this injury to take him off Milan’s hands but I hope he remains as he still has something to give to the highest level, even if that’s only watching over and guiding Pato’s rise.

There’s also a recent video interview he gave explaining what he’s currently going through and his thoughts at the moment.

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Ronaldo seriously injured

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I learnt of some very sad news today. That Ronaldo was injured again, but this time very seriously and possibly even career ending.

During Milan’s 1-1 draw with Livorno, Ronaldo was brought on and in three minutes had collapsed after leaping to meet a cross. The Milan doctors have officially reported that he ruptured his rotulian ligament in his left kneecap. He was stretchered off the field and was clearly in a lot of pain, probably mentally as much as physically. The Livorno keeper was nearby when it happened and reported hearing a horrible sound, like a bang. I had the same dreadful feeling as watching him in 1999 and 2000 when he was at Inter and his right knee gave way. It’s been said that the injury he has suffered this time could take 9 months to a year to heal.

Milan have stated they will stay close to Ronaldo and aren’t about to abandon him. Ronaldo put himself on the line to earn a penalty and a point for Milan and hopefully he can still recover and give something back to Milan and Serie A. Both Galliani and Ancelotti are hoping for the best and his team mates were off to see him in hospital as soon as the match ended so he’ll definitely be well supported.

They expect Ronaldo to see the same surgeon who operated on his right knee in 99-00. The surgeon is in Paris and Ronaldo left early this morning, receiving applause from fans outside the hospital. The head of Milan’s medical team gave details on how it may have occurred. He said Ronaldo was hit from behind and probably lost balance on his standing leg. He said that the striker had complained about his knee all year but it wasn’t bad enough to prevent training. He was quick to say however that he does not believe it to be a career-ending injury. I sure hope he’s right.

Highlights of the match are below and the injury occurred about three and a half minutes into the footage. It’s not for the weak of heart. We wish you all the best Ronnie!

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