Nike mercurial vapor IV review

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mv3 and mv4 comparison

So I’ve finally had a chance to thoroughly test out my new mercurial vapor IVs with a couple of matches so I thought I’d get round to writing this review. I’ve also taken pictures side by side with my old mercurial vapor IIIs (which are just over two years old now) so you can see the differences up close.

They are quite minor in fact, the obvious stuff includes the heel cup which isn’t as aggressive but still locks you foot in really well and more comfortably then before and I haven’t had any blisters yet either. The stud pattern is the same which is good as they work well and then there’s the lace cover that is supposed to allow a cleaner strike although I don’t think it makes any difference in that respect but it certainly keeps your laces clean!

mv3 and mv4 comparison 2

The lace cover is a bit annoying in that it’s a little harder to put the shoe on and I dread the thought of ever having to change laces as it looks pretty hard to thread the lower parts. The visible carbon fibre under the sole is gone but I think it’s actually still there in the shoe, just hidden. There’s some that runs up the heel and if you fork out for the SLs then you’ll get the whole bottom part in carbon fibre. Although I’m not sure what other benefits the SLs have and if they’re worth the extra premium.

mv3 and mv4 comparison forefoot

You notice immediately that the forefoot area is wider which is probably good for a lot of people that struggled to fit the mv 1,2 and 3s but for me it’s not so great as I have a skinny foot that suits the older narrow vapors. Still, tightening the laces a bit more resolves any of those issues. It does feel like the sizes are a little bigger though so be wary if you’re ordering online, I’ve always bought US 10.5 and had a snug fit from Nike but these are a tiny bit bigger. I could’ve gone with US 10 this time I think but it’s not a big difference. Just try out a pair first before putting down any cash.

mercurial vapor 3 and 4 comparison heel cup

During the match they were immediately comfortable and still have the great touch of the previous versions, the upper seems to be the same Tejin synthetic although perhaps a little stickier (but this may just be that they’re newer and my IIIs have worn off a fair amount already). Basically, if you liked the IIIs then you’re in for the same experience except the heel will be more comfortable, should be interesting to see what other colours are released around Euro 2008 time.

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7 Responses to “Nike mercurial vapor IV review”

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I just bought Vapor III and I think they’re really 100% match for the money. Much cheaper than the Vapor IV and still practically no different. Vapor III rocks!

Yeah Vapor III’s are almost perfect but I think the heel cup is better in the IVs. Although the IIIs still look better.

Vapour 3 looks better I just bought them and OMG best shoes ever. Imo its not worth buying the new vapours unless your old ones are finished. And the vapour 3 is hard to find aswell so it would be another reason. But damn theyre almost 300 bucks lol.

Yeah I yesterday bought mercurial vapor III for 60 euro’s that’s much cheaper then 200 euro’s for the new mercurial vapor IV..

yea i like the vappors 3 better by old oones i grew out of them anybody know were i can get new ones.
im looking for dark navy blue.
size 9. or 9.5 woould do,.
i would be happy if u know were i can get some?
my email.

ive got a pretty wide foot, how do the vapor IV run width-wise?

lopez7: either or is where I buy my shoes. It just depends on the UK or US exchange rate at the time where I get them from. They should have stock of the IIIs still although I dare say sizes would be limited but the size your looking for is most common. See how you go…

Pete: The IV’s are much more suited to wider feet. I’ve got slim feet so had no problems with the IIIs but I noticed straight away the IVs were wider. Just meant I needed to tighten the laces more 🙂

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