Nike mercurial vapor IVs on the way.

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So I finally put in an order for a pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor IVs today after spending some time trying to decide what boots to get next after my Nike Mercurial Vapor IIIs finally started to show signs of wear and probable failure some time not too far away. The IIIs have pretty much been the only boot I’ve used for the last two years (and I don’t have an off-season as I keep playing friendlies the year through). They’ve held up like no other boot I’ve had, usually I only get a year out of a boot and need to fix them up regularly with araldite (don’t laugh, it’s great stuff!). The IIIs required no maintenance and almost always cleaned up like new, although some challenges left marks that no amount of scrubbing could remove.

My only complaint is perhaps they were more durable than my feet! I’d end up with blisters on my toes, heels and balls of my feet if I didn’t use band-aids or strapping constantly. Perhaps I should follow in Christiano Ronaldo’s footsteps (sorry, bad pun) and wear some shoes that are two sizes smaller (I kid you not, read the article). Apparently your touch is a lot better which I guess makes sense but I’m not about to ruin my feet for a better feel of the ball. I have a friend that wears shoes a size smaller than usual although he tells me that the leather usually accommodates this after a short while and moulds much better to your feet. He’s a small, scrawny guy but has one of the most powerful kicks I’ve seen and can dip the ball like no one I know so I’m sure he knows what he’s on about.

Anyways I’ve got a pair of anthracite/vivid blue vapors (mostly black looking, the orange was a bit loud for me) probably a week away and can’t wait to try them out. I’ll be sure to report how I find them, just with I could’ve grabbed those Mercurial SLs but the price was a little insane. Hope I made the right choice as I haven’t actually tried a pair out and I was pretty pleased with the Adidas powerswerve’s I tried out recently but I’ve generally preferred Nikes so I’m not to worried.

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