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Adidas Predator PulseTo go with the release of the new Predators, the Adidas Predator Swerve as discussed on footy boots and to follow up my post about the Nike Mercurial Vapors, I thought I’d post about a pair of Predators that I’ve owned (well, in fact still use on occasion), the Predator Pulse.

These were released in 2004 about the time of the Euro cup (although so were the F50s, I had the white ones for a brief period, don’t mention wet pitches with those shoes!). I grabbed a pair of blue ones in mid-2005, the ones that Kaka’ was using for a while on the national team (I think these were the Pulse 2 as they received a minor update). I fell in love with the look and colour.

They are quite a different boot to the light, synthetic nikes that I also own. Not that they’re heavy but you can feel that they are a more robust, powerful, striking boot. The pulse built on top of a pedigree of an aggressive boot that has left it’s mark on the modern game. The predator has always been about ball-control. Being able to strike, spin and trap the ball effortlessly.

With these boots Adidas introduced the “PowerPulse” technology. They carefully and precisely distributed weight towards the forefoot of the boot to create a high amount of power as the player strikes the ball. The technology was heavily based around the same developments in the golf and tennis industry. The simple formula of mass (the boot) times speed (your kick) is what generates power.

The extra weight is noticeable but not to the point where it adversely affects other areas. Ball control is great but you can still run at someone at pace (not quite like the vapors though). Shooting with these boots is where it’s at. I’ve hit a few from distance that have turned out to be amazing shots. In the newer predators they’ve move the weight to the insole which allows you to customise the boot for speed or power. A nice touch even though the difference will never be huge.

While Nike has developed it’s synthetic to near perfection, Adidas has focused on it’s amazing K-leather. Based on Kangaroo leather (as a side note: I read that Kangaroo leather products were banned for a time in the US, odd because they are actually a pest, no matter how cute they are), the end product is softer that traditional cow leather but still quite durable. Because it is leather, there is a wearing in period but it’s rarely more than a couple of weeks and once worn in they are very comfortable. The boots also used “power” and “swerve” elements which are just the different polymer materials on the instep/top of the boot to help grip the ball and deliver either more power or spin respectively. Interestingly the new boot is called just that, PowerSwerve…

I’ll have to try the new Predators out sometime soon and post a review but I’ll probably look further into the history of the predators later.


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Hey Ron-Al-Do, Nice review on the Pulse – perhaps you could guest for us over at Footy Boots….

We’ve recently run an article on the history of the Predator, you can find it here

We’d love to hear more about your experiences with football boots, be sure to keep us updated!

Many thanks,

Football Boot

Hey, thanks for visiting, I’d be more than happy to guest at your site. I frequent it pretty regularly, you guys seem to have all the latest news on boots and a lot of great info.
Sorry I took a while to respond but the spam filter on my site seems to be ruthless! I’ll have to check it out more regularly from now on!

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