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I still find it hard to believe that Ricardo Quaresma isn’t playing for one of the big clubs in Europe (not to say Porto isn’t a good club but it isn’t thought of as a Madrid or Liverpool or Milan, etc.). I guess he did have a good chance to really take the world by storm when he was younger and Barcelona purchased him but he never really made an impact there. Maybe it was too much expectation, maybe the style of play was difficult to adapt to, Maybe Rijkard and him had some real issues or perhaps any number of the common reasons that players can struggle when changing clubs and leagues.

It’s not that he’s that old (24) but it does seem like he’s been around a while now. Recently he’s regained the form that attracted such interest in the first place. He is a powerful, fast winger with incredible technique and vision and in my opinion, very much the same player as Christiano Ronaldo. Both share almost all the same qualities and with these wingers on the Portuguese national squad, any defence would be nervous. Portugal just needs a striker that can keep up with these guys! Interestingly they both used to play at Sporting Lisbon at the same time for a brief period.

I can’t quite understand why the last couple of transfer seasons haven’t attracted a great number of suitors… Perhaps Porto have him on quite a contract or he is happy to remain there for now. There have been rumors that his personality is hard to deal with but this is the case for many players and he seems to be doing just fine at Porto. I read that Chelsea tried to sign him with little luck but also that Inter are after him as Figo’s successor… I sure hope so! Anyways, check out the clip, he’s definitely one of my fav players.


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